04 June 2007


Taking cue from SG Atlantis I decided to take Sunday off. Well, Tropical Storm Barry also had a hand in it. Luckily he was the worst tragedy to have befallen us Sunday. We went to get the car first thing in the am, but after that- doing things?? Not so much.
I enjoyed a cup or three of coffee. We had a Dunkie's on the way to get the car, and brought the truck driver a cup, but it merely whet my pallet. Read the Sunday paper which my Mom started when she was visiting last fall and I haven't cancelled yet... Watched as DH fiddled with and preened the car all day in the garage. Watched my Stargate's, of course! We ended up watching chick flicks; Miss Congeniality 1&2. The family was all over at A's folks house, but since we would be gone for most of this week, and A's schedule will be so busy when we will be here that it was even more enjoyable to do nothing.

As for the inspiration: Sunday. Since I was gone Friday night I recorded the SG's and watched them Sunday! This was a great episode, first off! I had been feeling recently that it had become the David Hewlett show instead of Stargate Atlantis. Don't get me wrong- I absolutely love Rodney McKay, but there are others at that outpost that I like too and I was missing them a bit. Maybe if tptb had spent more time on character development for Beckett, or even as much as they did this ep he wouldn't have had to leave... It was sad, and frustrating to watch him die, but I did not have the sadness that I had for Dr. Fraser or even Jacob/Selmac. Can't wait to see how he returns! No one dies in sci fi...

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