22 June 2007


We thought long and hard about what we would like our license plate to be. Should we just stick with the standard Old Man in the Mountain plate? Custom plate? Moose plate? Custom Moose plate? I thought a custom plate would be nice, especially since in NH it only adds $25 the first year, and I think $10 after to renew. I would have loved KLLYGAT (KelleyGate) but sadly that is no longer, or FNCYVW (fancy vw) which Art didn't like. Then we started thinking of putting something in German since, after all, it is a German car. But, man those German words are LONG!
Then it came to Art. DANKE. Very simple, but it works on many levels. First and foremost it is a Thank You! to my folks, who gave me the car as a present. On another level you could say it's a Thank You to German engineering. Or after you've passed someone it's kind of a tongue in cheek Thank You. So it was settled, and it was available. We received the plates two days ago (man they're fast!) and here it is.

Also, while we are on the topic of plates I just had to snap a pic of this one. We followed this poor soul all the way from Claremont to Keene yesterday coming back from the funeral. He probably thought we were stalking him because Art had to tailgate twice so I could snap a few pics (first time my pic card was full), and I egged Art on to keep up with him. He was driving a little Nissan and probably had no idea why the Porsche didn't just pass him already!

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