12 June 2007


Art has had a very good week. We had our little getaway on the Block last week. We spent Thursday night at home and on Friday Art headed North with his buddy Steve for a little boondoggle. They traveled just North of Berlin on the Maine border on Friday, and Saturday they kayaked to Lake Umagog which they had pretty much to themselves. Sunday they headed down the Androscoggin River. At this point I think he has paddled all of the Androscoggin. He came home with a big smile, a sunburn, and a hand full of flowers. This is apparantly an activity on his list that will make him think flowers. They were beautiful, and I am glad he had a great time.

I spent a lovely weekend at home. I am in the process of moving my office (again). We have a little cottage on the property that I have been using. It seemed nice to have it separate from "home". However, a couple of years ago to conserve pellets we moved my office up to an unused bedroom we coined the 'bear room' at the back of the house. I kind of liked that. I think I just like that room. I used to have my sewing room in a little room by our bedroom, but I moved that up to the bear room last fall, just because. The bear room is a special room. It was one of two rooms we didn't see the first time we walked through the house because they were tucked behind a door in the (then kitchen B) bar. It has a great door with a window that reminds us of bear paws, hence the name. It also has views of the raspberry patch, the stream, and the field out back. Another reason to move the office is Art. He was so excited to get the garage done, and moved all of his tools, and woodworking equipment out there as soon as we were finished. Well, now we have the Porsche which neither of us want to run power tools around for obvious reasons, nor do we want to have to leave the car out in the rain/sleet/snow that happens here from time to time ;)>. So the thought is that we will convert the cottage to a workshop. We still have our exercise equipment out there, but that is a problem for a different day...

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