20 June 2007


Afternoon doldrums have set in and my mind is wandering. I have been feeling a great deal of stress lately. What happens to all the hours in the day? Sometimes I think it would be better if we didn't have this house. It is just way too much for two people! I know that some of the workload here is because of the new addition we added last year. We still have electrical to run, two doors, trim, and painting to do upstairs (I finally sanded it last week!), set of stairs going out the back, replace ugly ones out the front, we need about 15-20 more yards of loam to fill in the side and back yard so we can plant grass, a burm to plant, a driveway to trim, a walkway... We have had so much rain I am mowing twice a week which is a two hour job each time if I don't weed whack (which, let's be honest, doesn't happen very often), not to mention trying to keep up with weeding and pruning. The raspberry patch is a mess! Good thing they are tough weedlike plants who can fend for themselves! Then inside is beyond ridiculous. I clean constantly, and have dropped my standards through the floor, yet the house is always a disaster! Today, between reconciles, and web updates, I am attempting to do about 10 loads of laundry, and clean one bathroom. Vacuuming won't happen for days, and mopping! Surely, you jest! I did get up early to make meatloaf! Art is at the store finishing new displays today because he is off to Canada tomorrow morning for a few day retreat with our pellet manufacturer up there. Men only- Thank you very much! :-(>
Anyway, lately I have been thinking of when we actually finish this house so we can move on to the next one! Art wants to build our next house. We still like our town, but sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better to live closer to his folks on the coast. I am very unsure of building a new house as I have been through that with my own family growing up, and know that it is extremely stressful and difficult on it's own, but I do not like the colonial, salt box, gambrel style that dominates New England. Anyway- we were looking at house plans yesterday... It never hurts to look! Here is the one we like today.

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