23 February 2008

Twelve great years!

I met my husband at an ultimate game one summer in Greeley. A couple of months later one of my roommates, Paul, invited him over with a few other people. We had a great time and I remember thinking Art was fascinating, but I was still dating someone, and besides Art had this huge beard, and a really wild hairdo that desperately needed cutting. A couple of months later I went to a Christmas party at Art's. (I had ditched my dead weight boyfriend at this point. That one was not pretty!) I think Art was trying to hook up with my friend Erin, even though Erin was suggesting that I talk to him... After winter break, my roommates girlfriend encouraged me to go out to the Armory (bar) with her. Lo' and behold, Paul was there with Art. With a freshly shaved face and a nice short haircut. Many of our other friends were also there. I was sitting talking with Robin, when Paul and Art came over. Mysteriously Paul left, then Robin and we were alone. We looked at each other and joked about how we were set up, and not very subtly. A little later that month Erin was having a party at her house and she said I should come because Art would be there. So I went, and we ended up talking the night away...
We were married a little over three years and four moves later. Our twelfth anniversary is this weekend. I wouldn't trade a minute of those twelve years, and I look forward to many many more with my best friend, business partner, and love.

The happy couple.

The wedding party.

The great cake debate. Smear or be nice? We were nice and the cake was yummy!

Me with my parents. Poor Dad got his first speeding ticket today. You would've thought the mean old fuzz would let him off for a warning on his daughter's wedding day!

Art with his parents.

Getting ready. I was ssssoooooooooooooooo nervous!

Our darling neices.

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