09 February 2008

Dead (wo)man walking

As we enter our second week of snow every day I am emerging from the cave. Sure, snow is great when you go skiing, but quite frankly anything more than two or three days and I am cooked. I finally went to a real (new) doctor who gave me a chemical cocktail for my tinnitus. He warned me that it would probably be unpleasant when the goo started to leak out. I did enjoy five blissful pain and ring free days. Add to this scenario two employees were sicker than dogs, Art's sister, and Art himself. All of these folks joined us on our trip and shared whatever it is they were carrying. By Wednesday My ears had shot right back to ear shattering pain and decibel levels. I took it easy in the afternoon and slept all the way home. Thursday I could not move. I think I slept 21-22 hours this day. I even broke down and took the antibiotics newdoc prescribed. Friday I had to shake the fog long enough to finish year end reports for the town, but had to cancel a fun night with friends so I could collapse in bed again. The jury is out as to whether it was the goo that caused my three day vaca in bed or the shared flugoo that has been making the rounds. Is it spring yet?

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