13 February 2008

Quebec or NH?

Art has tromped off to Canada on a boondoggle with a few of our pellet manufacturers. I decided to sit this one out as I am still recovering from the winter slime/ear infection.
Quebec has had official Carnaval celebrations since 1896, but this is Quebec City's 400th anniversary so it is/will be quite the show.

They missed the opening and closing parades which were last and this Saturday, but I hear they are quite the spectacle.

High on their list was to see the ice hotel, or ice castle, constructed 100% from you guessed it, ice. I hear they are pretty chilly although people often stay in them. (this is a swiped carnaval photo as with the others;) real ones from his trip should follow once Art gets back)

Other activities on their list were the canoe races where a bunch of crazies put their canoes on the frozen river for a canoe race. What nutter wouldn't want to take part in the annual Snow Bath? (note the deranged looking snowman mascot they use- creepy!) They also have sledding hills set up with large water park like tubes that send six or eight people plunging down a snowy hill, tons of food, entertainment and an all around good time.
Three days in the subzero frozen tundra that is Quebec this time of year did not sound fun to me. Ssssooooo, I opted to stay in NH instead. This is what we have:

A subzero frozen tundra that snowed eight inches last night, and expects one to three inches of ice on top of that today!
Put that on top of that (excuse me, I meant UNDER that) the snow and freezing rain that accumulated (and froze) while we were up in Conway and you get one big friggin' mogul to hop to get the car in the garage. Yeah, that is our driveway. ((((Sigh))))

The world's worst plow driver has just done his usual less than satisfactory job at plowing the drive. aka one swipe sideways across leaving a huge honking pile of snow (I'd wager almost eight feet high at this point)with a snow boulder about five feet in diameter right in the path of the Element as it tries to enter or leave the garage. Not that the Element (or a Hummer) could hop that frozen snow ball and bank... He avoided the other drive completely because Steve's truck was parked on one side.
I fully bundle up just to get the mail. It is like an arctic expedition. While the frost(ice) on the trees is beautiful I have to wonder- Is it spring yet???


Farm Chick said...

Is your driveway fairly flat? Ours goes staight downhill... if we had snow and ice like that, our cars would become large 2 ton sleds that would carry us off into the ditch across the road! Stay safe! (and warm)

EXSENO said...

I would have bee glad to stay home in that weather too. I hope you didn't pay that plow driver, because he certainly didn't deserve it.

Yvonne said...

It must be bad out if your husky won't go out! Stay warm.

whatevergirl said...

BBBBRRRRRRRRR!!! That was just too cold all the way around. At least everyone makes the best out of it. I am freezing with 25 degrees here in the "balmy" south! Where is Spring?

Shannon said...

This storm has passed and the sun has come out! We have two whole days until the next storm :) Art arrived back safe and sound last night. More details and pics to follow once I bribe one of his travel buddies...
Farm Chick- Luckily our driveway is flat. Bummer is that to get up our little dirt road you have to climb an incredibly steep hill. It hasn't stopped the Element (yet), but frequently stops the Passat, the school bus, and other non-aware travelers who turn down our road.
Exseno-Our plowing is paid for by the town. It is voted on each year at town meeting, and is budgeted into our tax bill. Turns out that it is not legal for the town to provide insurance for the subcontractor plow drivers so (fingers crossed) it won't pass this coming year. I can't say what I think he deserves although it involves a steel toe boot and a big leg swing ;}
Yvonne- My Malamute LOVES the snow, but is a great big sissy when it comes to rain. I could put all his toys out there and he wouldn't even rescue them!

Shannon said...

whatevergirl- most new englanders are pretty thick skinned when it comes to weather. I grew up out West where it is much sunnier, and warmer! It's amazing what you can adapt to.

Nabeel said...

cool pictures nice .. especially the ice sculptures.