24 February 2008

A day in town.

We spent the day at some friends here in town. On part of their property they have cleared trees and installed a rope tow. Art and our friend strapped on skate skis, and alternated zipping down the hill, drinking beer and talking. Their kids joined in the fun, too (uh- with the exception of the beer...of course) They are pretty good skiers. I guess having a ski hill in your backyard gets you a lot of practice :)

S and I stayed inside where it was toasty warm. She showed me the seeds she had started. Onions, leaks, and flowers at this point. I pass on that D who is using our greenhouse has started tomato and pepper seeds, but I have a slightly brown thumb so I buy the plants and plant them in June. I am planning a small garden this year. In the past three years we have had so much construction that it wasn't possible but I am hoping for tomatoes, beans, spinach, and onions this year.

We also talked about chickens. Her girls are getting a little older so she needs to freshen up her group. I think we are going to go in together as you need to buy a certain number of chicks. My vote was for the Aurocona chickens that lay the blue/green eggs. They are hardy chicks and I like those eggs better for some reason.
We ended off with a great meal and chocolate fondue. The kids liked the marshmallows the best. Anything dipped in chocolate is always a hit!

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whatevergirl said...

The ski thing was too cool! I live in the South so I had no idea what it was!!!!