09 February 2008


John, Art, Mark, Steve. Sean was there but photo-shy and Mike could'nt make it.
In 2006 our shop received the award for 6th best dealer in the nation. We took a vote as to how they wanted to celebrate and ski trip was the vote. They usually go to Vermont, but this year we thought we would stay in New Hampshire. They arrived Monday night after closing the shop early. We took them out for a nice dinner at the 1790 Homestead Restaurant. They sat us in a cozy room with a fireplace. They up to the lodge for drinks and to hand out the new jackets we got them. They got up early Tuesday and headed off to Wildcat. Art was able to ski free because it was his birthday. They had a great time on the slopes and I had a great time shopping. Liz Claiborne is going out of business so I scooped up many bargains including shoes for $7, $8 pants, and $4 shirts. A visit to Bean, of course, taking advantage of their 30% off sweater sale. I picked up a coconut cream pie ordered on Saturday for Art's birthday. Tuesday night we tore it up. Off to the local Mexican place for dinner, with a local hitting on one of our guys, then back to the lodge for pie and cards.
Wednesday half of the guys went skiing again, and the rest of us hung around the lodge. I finished my puzzle with Art's help and cleaned the room up and packed.
The weather was only going to get worse so we decided to head out that night. We stopped at the New England BBQ in Ossippee on the way home. Best food we had all week. Ribs were awesome! Great trip overall.

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