09 February 2008

North Conway

We stayed at the Glen Forest Inn in North Conway. We started the weekend with Art's sisters, Kevin & Lindsay, followed by our guys coming up during the week. We had a great time. The units were not all that big, but they were big enough. The basement was very well set up with a game room including billiards, ping pong, and video arcade. They also had a nice sofa area, and game area. They had hot tubs, and saunas with a breakfast area and more seating areas on the main floor. It was a little dated but had that cozy ski lodge feel.
Art went skiing Saturday with his family at Black Mountain.
I walked around the town and started a puzzle. I also visited the local hearth shop. I like to see what they are doing with their displays that I may use, or things that didn't look right to watch out for. Nice shop overall. Strangest thing was a big hot tub in the middle of the shop that made the whole place smell like chlorine. Didn't remind me of fireplaces or stoves at all. I did like that they had all of the units up at eye level, and took the glass out of the doors so you could easily see in. Sunday we went around to some local places to check things out and ended up at a local bar to watch the Superbowl. Bad Patriots. You could have heard a pin drop when the other team got that last touchdown.
Just as with Vegas and the fire that occurred right after we left there was a big fire at a hotel in Conway while we were up there. So while I went into a cool little shop with my sil/bil, Art poked his head in the fire station to chat with them about the blaze. Seems it isn't the first and they are due to failing boilers on aged duraroc floors. We ended out the day ice skating. Monday we had a day to ourselves so we drove up over the pass and on to Gorham, then back down to Jackson to ice skate. Great day!

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Farm Chick said...

Hello Shannon- thanks so much for stopping by. Just wanted to leave you a little note to say I love love love your pictures! I was just telling my husband the other day I've always wanted to take a trip to see the New England states. It looks absolutely beautiful there. Keep coming with the photos, and I won't have to leave home!!