07 November 2007


With a capital T. But she's so adorable. How could you not love that face?
After losing Gato a few months back, and having the mice move in en masse this fall we decided that we were definitely a two cat household. Even though Zoi (Numero Uno) does not think she needs any help. The final straws were a mouse waking us up for several nights in a row, since he was trying to move in to the wall of our new room. Then one of the little rats breached the security of the fridge, by chewing around where the water line comes in.
We didn't want a black cat. Morgan (Gato) was black, as was his predecessor Opal. I wanted a white cat. Art wanted short hair, I wanted long hair. We both agreed we didn't want an albino. We also wanted a little girl kitten. Boy cats are just messier, and not as good at hunting. So we scoured the newspapers, local shelters, and every pet store in driving range. I tried to get Art to squeeze it in his schedule to go over to Salem to a large pet store there. He made a call and rearranged some things to make it work.
When we were walking through the store, Art hesitated and looked over at me with a grin. I looked to see what he was smiling about and saw a little white tail. Big smile on my face as I rushed in to the kitten room. They had two fluffy little white ones, and a short hair white one. The two fluffy ones were wrestling away, and the short hair white one was just hanging out. I grabbed one of the white ones and she snuggled right in to my fleece coat. Art brought out the short hair. We passed them back and forth. Of course the long hair one was almost twice the cost since she is part Persian. She also had the personality though. So off we went.
She cried a little when we hopped in the car. After exploring the whole back seat she settled on to my lap but visiting Art's shoulder every once in a while. She even took a little nap on the hour ride home. We just got home about twenty minutes ago, and she is actively exploring. The parakeet definitely has her attention, but there is a lot of ground to cover. Zoi is very upset, surprise, surprise, but Art is giving her love even as she grumbles and fusses.
I am not sure if we have settled on a name yet. I like Blizzard with a nickname of Lizzie, or Sapphire (for her blue eyes), and we could call her Saffie.


Anonymous said...

She looks awfully cute to be a mouse catcher...

Real Live Lesbian said...

Awww....I like Blizzard, too! Too cute!

Michelle L. said...

She is adorable! She makes me remember fondly when my evil 20 lb monster cat used to be a sweet adorable little kitty. Now he's an ogre that is too fat for his carrier and has to go to the vet on the dog's leash.

EXSENO said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

The Kitten is beautiful. I hope your husband enjoys being an EMT, my daughter has been one for quite a while now. She just past her test for Medic school. She can hardly wait.