01 November 2007

Save the Drama for Your Mama

I am not good around or about illness. I never got sick as a little kid-period. My brother and I were always the weird kids who would win the perfect attendance award. How annoying is that?? Both of my parents worked full time, and they didn't seem to have the time or patience if we were to get sick anyway so I guess we just didn't bother. Oh, except the time I remember my friend and I making snow angels in our t-shirt's because we wanted to miss some test in school. She succeeded and I got to bring her homework home for her :(> My Mother's motto was that it was just in our heads, we we're fine, toughen up and go to school... Sure, I remember the occassional gash or bruise but we didn't turn green, get a fever, and sip chicken soup. My brother tripping out of the gate and breaking an arm for one example. I tripped down the step in front of the whole second grade that was going outside for an assembly and split my chin open. Not embarassing at all.
As an adult I find that the attitude of my parents has embedded in me, for better or worse... I am not a good nursemaid, and quite frankly would probably not even notice that something was wrong unless you told me about it three times in a row. Problem is I really don't like the whining about being sick/hurt. Especially guys. I know it is prejiduce but I don't think guys should whine or cry. Be a man. Suck it up. We have a guy working for us that is tough as nails. Not always smart, but really tough. The most notorious story is when he was working out at the pellet manufacturing plant, and was climbing up a conveyer some twenty or thirty feet off the ground. He slipped and came straight down. They said the sound of his body hitting the concrete had a very distinctive (splat) sound. They rushed him off to the emergency room. The next day he came in to work. Sure he took it a little easy, but he was there, no excuses. We have had other guys that hurt a finger and expect the world to stop for them. Oh, I cramped my finger I better take the afternoon off, maybe tomorrow, too... Might as well, because if you are hobbling around holding your finger like a bomb about to go off I might just lose it! But one can go too far. We have a 'work hard not necessarily smart type' who hurt his back lifting a stove wrong, and then continued to work and lift, etc. Word is that he left bent at a 90 angle yesterday. I don't want to hear a person whine and complain about a splinter, but for crying out loud isn't it better to get off your feet before you can't get on your feet anymore? You would think the body can speak louder than the stubborn brain, right? I guess the bottom line is- if you are sick/hurt tell me what you need/are going to do about it, and if you want someone to coo and cuddle you for your boo-boo go find your Mama...

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