19 November 2007

I want to be an entreprenuer

I don't think I have ever heard a kid say that. I certainly didn't. I wanted to be a Chemist, then a fighter pilot...
But what did my actions say? Did I play with chemicals and do tests? Did I play air combat video games? Uh, no. I did have a poster of an SR-71 and my favorite movie for a long time was Top Gun but I hardly think that qualifies. So what did I do that I could relate to my vocation later in life? I was a peddler. Not always a good one, but I was consistent.
One summer when I was maybe six or eight years old my friends wanted to put on plays for the neighborhood kids. I suggested that we make popcorn and lemonade and charge for them. They didn't like the paying for it part, but I remember making lemonade... We could've gone to the candy store with our booty!
I am not into jewelry and never have been. My mother once gave me a necklace. Since I had no use for it I offered to sell it to my friend Brittany for $5.00. It seemed like an awesome deal for me. Five whole dollars for a little gold string that I would never use. Score! That is, until my Mom found out and made her give the necklace back, and me the five bucks.
We used to go up to Snowbird every summer at my parents time share. I would get really bored. There was a game room but the part that interested me was the candy machine. So I would loiter around in the housekeeping department. I would fold towels, stock the carts, and other menial tasks for the people who worked there. They would eventually get sick of me and give me a buck or two. My love for Reeses peanut butter cups was born.
Another moment that did not go over really well with friends was later in elementary school. I discovered a new candy at a little mall that was in walking distance of my house. I would buy the candy for 25 cents and sell it to my friends for 35 cents. One of my 'customers' found the store with the candy, and the jig was up. I claimed that it cost me money to go down there and get it for them but they didn't see it that way...
Ironically, my brother and I used to play with my Mom's tax forms when we were young too.
So I guess it makes sense that DH & I now run a retail store, and I do the treasurer gig in my spare time. My savant abilities? Or is it achilles heel??

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