09 November 2007

Crunch Time

There are times each year when everything seems to happen all at once. For Art and I it seems to come sometime in September. Luckily it usually winds down around Thanksgiving. It is, of course, the busy time at our shop since we deal with heat. Then I was learning my new job for the town, and about a million audits. Art had the biggest load with taking his EMT class while working at the shop six days a week. Plus with the guy using the greenhouse some repairs had to be made pronto. Putting in the bulk feed system, Art's Mom, all the fall volunteer activities, and getting a new kitten put our time management skills to the test. It looks like the schedule started to crack last night when Art took his written EMT test. He feels very confident that he passed. Now he just has one Saturday of review, then his practical exam next Saturday and he is done. He got his fifth required field visit earlier this week when he was toned in the middle of the night. A guy was pretty much dead-on-arrival, but the rescue and ambulance crew that showed up got him back to the land of the living. Yay for them! Tonight will be his first time home since Sunday except a few hours to sleep. We plan to do whatever he wants, which I imagine will include a 'tini, a movie, and messing up the kitten. Less than two weeks to Thanksgiving. Looks like we made it!
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving.

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Anonymous said...

Good Deal! I am studying for Paramedics but don't know if I'll ever get to put my knowledge to use. Having trouble finding a crew to even Volunteer with. Oh Well! Someday.