17 November 2007

Oh my Stars!

I am ashamed to say that almost a month has passed since I have seen Art's parents. With my trip to Colorado, catching up from being gone and the general craziness of the fall with Art in a class has just made it difficult. But we put it high on the priority list this week. With snow forecast for this weekend we had a feeling it might be our last chance to get the Porsche put away in their garage for the winter, too. They are being nice enough to let us store it there, so that Art can park the Element in the garage for the winter. Element-yup. More on that later~
Before I left for Colorado my in laws asked me what I would like for my birthday. I told them 'nothing'. They persisted and I said we could go to dinner somewhere or something. They have so much going on I don't want to send them on a goose chase for a present for a person who has way too much stuff anyway! They continued to push so I finally said, "A Stargate coffee mug." I thought that would stop them in their tracks. I don't even think they know what Stargate is, much less know how to go online to buy things. I felt like a pretty clever person as they gave me confused looks so I added, "or nothing..."
I was very surprised when they handed me a StarBUCKS bag the other day. Inside were two very nice, big StarBUCKS mugs. They are really great mugs and we will use them constantly for hot cocoa, or nutty irishmen etc. I exchanged a look with Art and we both had a great big grin for that one! I absolutely did NOT tell them that I had said StarGATE mug, and if you know them you cannot say anything either!! But how funny is that? I'm not sure if they just didn't know the name so assumed they misheard me or if that is really what they think I said? It's kind of like the old game of telephone perhaps? Entirely too sweet. Since my Mom is a little craftier she did get me the StarGATE mug for my birthday so now I have a new day mug (which changes images when it is hot or cold), and a great set of big evening mugs from StarBUCKS. (est. 1971- coincidence? maybe;)

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