03 November 2007

Granny Wear

Some days you just wake up and have that feeling. That I feel large and swollen so I just want to be comfortable kind of day. So you fish through the drawer to the back and pull out the large soft cotton underwear that provides full coverage. They often have friendly flowers, or other patterns with big elastic waistband. Nice and loose, relaxing, and no wedgies! What does it matter? No one will see but me, right? Of course not. That is not how it works. Not in my world. I put on granny underwear and end up in the hospital with one of those open in the back for the world to see nighties. Or everyone is in the locker room at the same time when you are changing to work out. Or as in the case of yesterday a hot date pops up unexpectedly. What is up with that?!?


Anonymous said...

That is just cruel! Although, in the case of the hospital, I would want as much booty coverage in those nasty gowns as possible. :D

Michelle L. said...

granny panties are of the devil! the fact that they are cut to deliberately rise six inches higher than the waistband of your pants has resulted in them being banned permanently from my wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, as my butt gets bigger (I think its natural at my age) the dilemma is to wear the bikinis and just let them creep, or wear the thong because it's going to end up there anyway!!!

Love your personal blog. The sidebar in particular.

Thanks for visiting us at Purple Women & Friends.

Shannon said...

I am definintely going to use more caution before dragging out the evil granny-wear.
Autumn- I agree better to have granny undies than a thong on in one of those. But still embarassing!
Michelle I applaud that you have banished them. I caved when shopping a month ago and bought them. New rule- don't shop for undies when I feel slothenly!
Teri- It is a battle that will only get tougher I fear!
LOL- Thanks for all of your responses!