10 November 2007

Road to crazy town

Where do these people get their license's?
There was definitely a me-me-me attitude on the road yesterday. I had to run out to the thriving metropolis of Peterboro yesterday (population 3,000) for some kitty supplies, and a liquor store run for hubby's big night at home. It is about a ten minute run up over the mountain on our major east/west thoroughfare in the state, aka, a two lane highway with passing zones on the steep parts...
I developed a large suv hemorrhoid before even leaving our little town. While turning on to the highway they turned too, next to me in the other lane at the same time, and passed me immediately. WTF is up with that!? They quickly caught up to the little hatchback, and I quickly caught up to him, but I am sure he felt better in front of me. Karma's a B!tch buddy!
Next I was in an abnormally long line of vehicles, including a semi loaded with logs, waiting to turn left to head in to town. I was maybe fifth in a line of 10 or so cars. Suddenly from the back of the line a masshole (aka Massachusetts driver) shoots into the breakdown lane and drives up to the front of the line, well two cars back since they had one of those pesky concrete medians in that lane near the intersection, and wedged his way in front of a shiny Subaru with new plates. The Subaru didn't put up a fight which is disappointing, but if I was in a brand new car and a beater with a smashed bumper, and rust spots charged me I would probably concede, too.
On the way home, I was behind an old beater of a van, and a little old lady in a station wagon. We approached the lane split heading back up the hill. This is the spot that everyone who was doing ten under the speed limit suddenly finds the gas pedal and starts going 20 miles an hour over the speed limit. The little old lady sped up to the speed limit and moved to the right hand land. The pos van moved in to the passing lane while driving past the sign that said 'Keep right, except to pass', and slowed down! This created a real clusterf*ck of cars choosing who they should get behind to move forward. I stayed behind the little old lady, because at least she was doing the speed limit! They were both pretty close in speed, and effectively prevented anyone from passing anyone until the last fifty feet. I was able to pass, as well as two kamikaze drivers behind me. Alas, I found another hemorrhoid even though I was now going 15 above the limit as one of the people who was able to pass was determined that either a- I was responsible for holding everything up and needed to be taught a lesson, or b-was simply trying to make up lost time coming up the hill. All this is while we are headed down the dreaded S-curves where hubby gets called to a motor vehicle accident two or three times a month, and where all the fatal accidents seem to happen. ((((Sigh))))
I am guessing they took the discount driving school's All About Me course, or just lucked out and got their license from a gumball machine...

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EXSENO said...

I am from California, but moved to the south many years ago. I'm still not used to the way these people drive. Here in town they don't know what a stop sign is.