15 July 2007

What a Fluke!

The fluke is like a flounder with both eyes on top as this is how he lays on the ocean floor.
Handsome fisherman!
Look at the Blue!
Fun Day!
Happy driver!
Based on Thursdays events we decided to get out of Dodge on Friday. After spending a few hours narrowing down our options, camping, Newport, cruise to Bermuda, Boston, we decided on Connecticut. We went down and hung out with Art's sister and her significant other Dale in their pool (Friday) having steak and crab legs, then going out on their boat with them on Saturday. We left their dock up the Niantic River and headed out for some fun, sun, and fishing. We cruised around the Long Island Sound stopping here and there to try our hand at fishing. I guess our timing was off regarding tides, but we did catch a fluke and a blue fish. I got to reel in the blue fish. I think he is the biggest I have "caught". Art reeled in the fluke. Dale got a starfish too, if they count. Oh, and a hat...well more of a visor. It was a perfectly calm day without a cloud in the sky. The water was incredibly smooth. Our only ruffle was going over by Orient Point to do some lure fishing and promptly losing both lures and having to cut the lines. We then headed back in calling it a (good) day. We stopped and picked up some steamers to accompany the fluke for dinner. I had a burger but I did try the fish. Clams are a little over my palettes head. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

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