11 July 2007

A job to treasure.

At long last! After ten years I have finally gotten a job! Sure in the past ten years DH and I have built a successful alternative energy business, but now I am officially working for the man. Well, maybe not the "man" per say, more like the town. Just after our spring elections the town's long standing and beloved treasurer passed away. The deputy stepped up to fill in, but now her spot was empty. So they put a call out for resumes if anyone was interested. We heard about it from the fire chief. I thought that could be a good fit. There was so much controversy around the planning board, I was keen on the idea of something less volatile! Plus- simply put- I do numbers. My day to day job is cash flow, hr, taxes, ar/ap, and all those other $$ related things. So in May I put together a resume. That was fun. I really had to dust off the cobwebs for that one! I used a great font with my name emblazoned on the top of the sheet. Over the weekend I received a letter saying they were interviewing at the next select-board meeting two days away. So I nervously went to the meeting. A gal I had just spoken to on the phone 20 minutes earlier from Ladies Aid was the first person I saw. That made me relieved. Then a couple of the "other team's" cronies gave me their snarky hello's. This made me nervous! Then Ted gave me a big smile and welcomed me. Sherry talked about the cookbooks which just came in, and we agreed that they turned out Great! They asked a few simple questions along the lines of how did you get here, and how long are you staying, and will you run for this job again in the spring, or are you out of here just after the training period? They asked what software I had experience with, and I told them of my previous life in IT, and software support. They asked if I had experience with online banking- "I use it every day..." There were two other girls interested in the post, and one that was interested but who could not make it. One worked for the bank and has lived in town quite a long time. I thought for sure she would get it. Then another gal who had no accounting experience. I left the meeting unsure of time line or progress or confidence. But, this morning I received a message on my phone that I am the new deputy treasurer for the town. It all sounds so official. I am unsure how much work is involved- they never tell you that kind of thing before you start! I'll keep you updated!

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