26 July 2007

House Legislation

From: http://hodes.house.gov/PRArticle.aspx?NewsID=1378
Hodes: Energy Independence Cannot Wait
Hodes Introduces Tax Incentives for Biomass Home Heating, Urges Speaker to Bring Renewable Energy Standards to the Floor
July 20, 2007
Washington, DC- Congressman Hodes pushed for energy independence this week, introducing a bill that cuts taxes for homes using biomass heating systems and sending a letter to Speaker Pelosi urging her to move a bill with renewable energy standards to the Floor.
The bill, the Renewable Energy Tax Parity Act, extends the same tax incentive already available for solar heating systems to systems that use plant biomass, such as wood pellets, which are widely used to heat New Hampshire homes. There is currently no incentive available for biomass home heating systems, which emit dramatically less carbon than heating oil. Congressman Hodes introduced the bill late last night.
"New Hampshire is ready to lead the country towards energy independence," Congressman Hodes said. "It is time to bring the rest of America along. Economic incentives for clean energy use will get the market working for us."
Congressman Hodes also sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi, which was co-signed by 21 members of the Democratic Class of 2006. The letter urges the Speaker to expedite the legislative process to bring a meaningful energy bill to the Floor.
"Energy independence is an idea whose time has come," Congressman Hodes said. "The benefits are many- freedom from unfriendly Mid-East countries, a cleaner environment and more stable fuel costs. At the same time, ignoring the issue is perilous to our foreign policy, our climate and our pocketbooks. It is time to move our energy policy forward."
Companion legislation to the Renewable Energy Tax Parity Act has been introduced in the Senate.

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