19 July 2007

Almost New!

Now that my sewing machine is working beautifully I am starting to catch up on all the projects I had backlogged. I got most mending done, started on a new flag for the store since the old one is in tatters at this point, and this past week I have taken on a new project. Re-upholstering the loveseat we love so much and the rocker next to it. We bought the loveseat a couple years ago. Lovely Morgie thought it was his personal cat post. So it has had a shredded leg for over a year! Then what?? It was still so new, plus this is where we sit most of the time. I am sitting here now, as most days, checking e-mail, accounts, bloggin', etc. We have our morning coffee here, and you get a great view of the tellie from here. I had never done a project like this before. I think it turned out o.k. for a first shot. A couple of places needed some extra stitching once it was on so it is not perfect by far. But, it is much better than it was. I like the fabrics, too! 50% off sale at JoAnne fabrics and both were re-done for under a $100. Such a deal!

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