23 July 2007

Hadley, MA

We just got back from a quick jaunt down to the Hadley, MA area. We drove down in the early afternoon, then laid by the pool and read our Harry Potter book's for a few hours. Then we met up with Art's old friend Teddy. We took a quick tour of Teddy's home, then headed down to Springfield to one of our favorite restaurants The Student Prince.

We had a wonderful dining experience. Our fabulous waiter, Ivan, was a joy. He made excellent suggestions and told us stories about some of the plates, and what went best with what. He and Teddy had a long discussion about which wine would best suit him, and recommended an excellent German beer. He even broke in to German later while we were eating our meal, I think telling us to enjoy! Appetizers included Camembert cheese, and ostrich. Art had a tenderloin goulash, I had a veal jaeger schnitzel, and Teddy had the lamb chops w/ mint jelly. All very incredible! The ostrich was a definite winner, though. They also have some of the best sauerkraut I have ever had! Then we topped it off by sharing a flourless chocolate torte w/ ice cream. We proceeded to an old haunt of Art's from his first college year's. The Tunnel is a great little bar in Northampton that is an actual tunnel that was closed off and cozily decorated. It was very entertaining to listen to some college aged boys spouting off and sharing their views with any and all who would listen. Everything from how much in the dark ages their parents are and always have been about computers, to mocking their parents investments, to lines such as "My friend and I operate a self help group for girls who can't get la!d." I wanted to slap that boy, but the girls who were listening just giggled and fawned over his british accent.
This morning we had a lazy morning reading a bit more Harry Potter, and having a great breakfast at the hotel. They even had a Belgian waffle maker in the complimentary breakfast room. We then headed North. We stopped at the Yankee Candle Company. They have a huge store, and we watched a demonstration on how they made candles in the old days compared to now. Hard to believe that family's would use one candle a day in the winter only. They believed that more than one candle was wasteful, and since most were made with animal fat they would go rancid and or melt in the summer. We spent a good long time picking out 18 scents since they were 18 candles for $20. We lean toward the spicy scents like cinnamon, and autumn leaves. All in all a good little trip, and great to catch up with Teddy!

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