13 July 2007

Troglodyte mantle, heavy day

Our store redecorating project has stalled. All we had to finish was the back wall. Unfortunately, that is where we are clashing. I was thinking a nice moulding and a shelf made with 1x4 to display our sales trophies. Art did not like this idea, so he went out and purchased a HUGE! and hideous hunk of tree and slapped it on the wall. It is overwhelming to even look at. Not to mention UGLY! The problem is HE PUT IT UP! It has been there, revolting the wall for over a week. He said we would compromise and get smaller shelves, which we even spent an afternoon looking for and purchasing- yet the troglodyte mantle remains! (GGGggrrrrrrr!!!!!!)
Yesterday I thought would be the day it would come down. Silly me. Yesterday was a roller coaster ride- long and fast! We went down for the weekly meeting. I was presenting a vacation buy back program, where anyone could purchase extra vacation over time. I thought it would be well received. Apparantly, they were not impressed. So glad I worked so hard on that one!! I would love the opportunity for extra vaca time- whatever... I had my first day at the town office today so you couldn't phase me! I had my haircut before heading up to T. Turned out awful, I really hate this one! I then shot up to T for my first day as Deputy Treasurer. I signed all the signatory agreements so I could sign checks, etc. filled out the paperwork since it's a bonded position, and watched the treasurer sign checks, put them in envelopes, and pass out paychecks. That's all! Didn't have to enter bills, do payroll, or print the checks. Nope- Just sign and seal. I was really enjoying that. The treasurer is an 85 year old woman who is staying to teach me the job then she will be out of there. The day fell apart from there. One employing grumbling because he didn't like his review, even though we gave him the biggest raise we have ever given anyone. A former employee who is crackers sending letters in another employees name about TSK just to be an ass. A third drove 2 1/2 hours to a $130 cleaning appointment and forgot the vacuum, so he wanted another employee to drive down to give it to him. You don't even have to be good in math to see how ridiculous that was! Oh, and Art's mom went into the hospital yesterday, and Gato has been missing for five days now. At least today can only get better!
Art did pick these lovely flowers from our back field for me. So sweet. At least we have each other!

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