08 July 2007


It truly feels like summer this week. The weather has been gorgeously warm, the raspberries are ripe, and we have been enjoying BBQ all week. It has been a week of family visits and celebration. On Wednesday we all trucked down to Connecticut for the Fourth of July. We packed swimsuits, and wore skimpy little shorts outfits in anticipation of the day in the sun laying by Pam and Dale's pool. At 9:00am it was already 80, and the sky was blue as far as you could see. We made cole slaw, and chocolate dream dessert to share. Art also got up early to pick fresh raspberries. We also brought ingredients for our new passion- Blutini's! By the time we got to Worcester heading south it was gray and windy. By four in the afternoon it was a full on rain storm. It didn't stop us, though. We had a great day. They played wiffle (sp?) ball in the rain, ate, and had a good time. Polar came with and had a blast.
Thursday we had a brief interruption of work, but Friday we had a shop til you drop day, then slouched off and went to see another movie. Live Free or Die Hard with Bruce Willis and the Apple Guy (as Art calls him), or the kid from Galaxy Quest (as I remember...). This was truly an awesome movie. I think it is my favorite so far this year! Definite must see in the theater. I jumped out of my seat several times.
Yesterday we went to our niece Lindsay's graduation party. She graduated with a degree in nursing, and is already working at a hospital up in Manchester. Congratulations to her! She is very excited because she is getting a new Saab on Monday. We had a great time over there. Karyn and Ralph have so many outdoor activities like badminton, volleyball, ping pong, a trampoline, karaoke... We played horseshoes for a while. I haven't played that in quite a while. We were "suck-tastic" as my niece Natalie said! We had fun, and that's what counts! I jumped on the trampoline with Lexi for a while, too. I had one of those growing up, and it was like riding a bicycle. I get winded a little faster now for some reason though!
A few exciting prospects on the slate for this week:
I received a call from our congressman, Paul Hode's, DC office regarding the letter I wrote for the pellet tax credits.
I received a notice from the town's board of selectmen asking to meet with me about the Town Treasurer post I threw my hat in the ring for.

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