01 July 2007


Welcome to our new showroom. This is what you see when you walk in. Every few years we spruce up the store, and this is one of those years. We have been working diligently on the changes, which center around an island that I designed and Art and the guys made happen.

We have added this sitting area this year. In the past we had a single chair that we got for $20 at a flea market in Denver, but it was getting old and smelly. We thought this would be a nice area for kids, or tired adults. It was well used yesterday. I counted 7 kids, and two adults using the area, and I was only there in the afternoon after the 'rush'.

There is still debate about our P's. My original idea was to put them on risers so they are all at the same level and about 8-12 inches off the ground. Once we put them in place we kind of liked how you could see the scale of them... Note- our Christmas Mum that just won't die! It was a gift from the radio station we advertise with, and we have a green thumber in the midst that keeps all plants healthy and happy :)

Here is the back side of the island. We painted the back wall in a great shade of green called Denver Grass. The big to do about the back side is that a stove on the front side will be vented through to the back side so people can see what it will look like outside their house. Thus the siding you see. It also has some nice shelves to display some of the vessels, kettles, and other knick knacks.
One more wall to do, where the burn models are. When it is done I will post the rest.

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