01 September 2008

Cool by the Pool!

We had a very restful Sunday. These days we need to leave NH to feel relaxed. Hubby had his cell phone on him but it doesn't work very well at his sisters ;) The whole family went down for a day of sun, food, and relaxation. I was up until 10:30 the night before finishing the Boston Cream Pie I made for Art's eldest sister's birthday. Why they call it a pie I will never know. It is CAKE! With goo in between the layers, and chocolate frosting on top. But whatever you call it- it was yummy!
Art's (middle) sister and her SO have just finished major renovation in their home changing the entire downstairs layout, and removing a deck replacing it with a stamped concrete patio. The stamped concrete was amazing! We were thinking of that for our screened porch/patio project and I think seeing it sealed the deal. It looked very well thought out and flowed nicely.
We ate many yummy things, and sat by the pool in the hot CT sun. The pool was a big hit, and Uncle Arthur was an even bigger hit. Here was one of the bigger games of the day, I'll call it Dump Uncle Arthur.

Other kid games included being thrown by UA, and a complicated game of tag where the person who was IT would have to stand on the diving board with their back turned (so they couldn't see everyone) then turn, jump in the water and tag someone swimming in the water before they got to the other side. Kids in the water would hold on to the edge (which was safe), but once you let go you had to swim across. If the IT person turned around and no one was unsafe they would have to move a step away. You could be IT for a very long time... but they didn't seem to mind. They did make sure everyone had a turn being IT, too...

The adults mostly dipped their toes in to cool off, or waded out a little bit. Dale made watermelontinis for everyone and bbq'd burgers, dogs, chicken galore, and steak! Ten or so pounds of clams kicked off the snacking.

Life is Good!

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C said...

Awwww!!! Life IS good, isn't it? :) Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Oooooooooooh...and that Boston Cream Pie!!! Shannon, you never cease to amaze me!