22 September 2008


I have missed so much! My family has taken me on some beautiful rides in my life; along the Kangamangus highway in Northern NH, back and forth across the country, through the Rocky Mountains, and the scenic deserts of the Southwest. There are some beautiful sights in this country. Unfortunately, I rarely get to see them! Because I am generally sound asleep. Put me in a car for more than twenty minutes and I can nod off where I sit.

I am not a good sleeper at night. I fall asleep at the chime of ten but I am frequently wide awake by one or two am. Especially if I eat poorly, or the kitties are clinging to us or being territorial with each other...

I sleep face down. No pillow, arms under me. Last night Lizzie kept walking on my back hoping that I would turn over so she could snuggle in my armpit and get rubs. Zoi kept coming up with her old cat breath tickling my nose with her whiskers giving little half meows to try to wake me so she might get some rubs... I think they missed us, or is it that they think they need to make up for lost time and petting??

I have been on a scenic rail ride up in the White Mountains, and another up through Denali in Alaska. I was able to walk around the Denali which helped, but the hypnotic motion of the train as it cruised on it's tracks, along with the soothing grumble of the engine lulled me away to dreamland.

The best part of being on an airplane is the complimentary drink and snack. Or so I am told. I wouldn't know firsthand. You see, I can't remember the last flight where I was still awake for wheels up much less getting my "complimentary" can of diet coke. When I traveled with my work I started sitting on the aisle anticipating that I might have an arm or a leg dangling in the aisle that might be hit by the trolley as it came barreling down the aisle. It rarely worked out that way. Luckily, I usually sleep through the whole flight so I don't notice how thirsty I am...

I am not a napper. Hubby loves to lay down for twenty to forty minutes in the afternoon for a little shut eye. I cannot. If I managed to fall asleep I would wake up in a haze and wander around like a useless zombie the rest of the day.
Put me on a cruise ship and try to keep me awake! Sitting on the top deck with the light breeze and warm sun on your face. The gentle swaying of the boat in the currents coupled with the soothing purr of the engines. Like a cradle being rocked. These eyes just have to shut for a moment... next thing you know you know an hour has passed.

When I was young I can remember going to a car race with my family. You know the kind where they strap jet engines onto long skinny cars so they can tear down the track at top speed (and sound). I pretty much missed the whole thing. So sleepy.

They say that all people dream at night, and if you remember them it likely means that you are just a lighter sleeper than those who can't recall. I can remember three to five dreams a night on average. Always weird. I was taking a chicken with me to the dentist, and then another to a place of business. Of course, they could talk to me and carry a conversation! I also found the secret book of a supplier. The first page I saw had a toy gold helicopter and the quote said something to the effect of "everyone needs one of these... President Eisenhower." Okie dokie, then. Must be time to wake up!


Farm Chick Paula said...

I had to laugh out loud at your dream.... I wake up sometimes and think, "what was that all about?"
I do not sleep very well... Hubby can lay down and go out in a second. (what a gift)
If I take a nap I wake up a hateful old grizzly bear.

Uncivil said...

OK....I got it
You need to build a set of railroad tracks in a circle around your property!
Put your bedroom in one of the railcars. Hop in and go on a midnight cruise every night.

I wide frikkin awake and it's after midnight! I'm doin good if I can sleep for 4 or 5 hours straight!

Renna said...

My son has always been a lot like you. When he was small, it was easy for us to go to homes of friends and stay late. All we had to do was lie him down somewhere, anywhere, and he was instantly asleep. Now, as an adult, he is still nearly that bad....or would that be good?

I think it's kind of good, actually. I'm one of those who can never fall asleep in a strange place, or basically anywhere other than my own bed. Naps also ruin a day for me. I wake up feeling out of sorts, and like you said, like a zombie! ;-)

Shannon said...

Yeah, Paula, hubby is still laughing at the chicken to the dentist one.
I like the railroad around the property idea! That could be fun day or night!
Renna- Why is guys can nap so easily! It's almost not fair. I do appreciate being able to fall asleep sitting up- hubby gets so bored on planes and so much jet lag because he can't!