24 September 2008

Elliot's Big Day!

I let the chickens out of their coop each morning so they can scratch around the greenhouse. It's kind of like an extended coop as the walls are intact but roof (which was plastic) has worn down and off allowing a LOT of weeds to grow and ways for snacky bugs to get in for them. The back door is the weak point as there is a gap underneath.
Today, they flew the coop, made a chicken run... escaped! I went out to give them some scraps from lunch, Ody, and freezing veggies from the garden and this is where I found them...

Behind the greenhouse- OUTSIDE! Silly birds. At least they were in the trees. As soon as they saw me they started chattering away like they always do... then... my (rooster) Elliot gave me his FIRST CROW! I'm so proud (sniff) Cock-a-duddle-llle. Not too loud and not quite confident to get the whole crow out, but he was standing tall and doing his best! I congratulated him and the girls all flocked around so he fluffed up his feathers and did it again! Too cute!

Still- outside... so
...I sent out reinforcements to round them up. They are so afraid of Art- Chickens!
They ran to the East side of the greenhouse and hid in the weeds. Yeah, because we can't see you in there I tell them. Not the brightest.
Back inside the big man strutted around and cackled a bit and the girls seemed in awe. They even let him take a tomato bit for himself.
Everyone else got to feast on the snacks I had brought for them, too.


Renna said...

I just love chickens. Several of the blogs I read talk about, and show pictures of, their chickens. I hope that some day I live where I can have my own. The fresh eggs aren't bad, either. ;-)

Shannon said...

I have had more fun with these guys and they aren't even laying yet!
Hubby was in Tractor Supply today and overheard a guy asking about chickens- wondering how many eggs they would lay. The guy said you might get one every couple of days peak season with this breed or that, unless you had a rooster... The guy said, "How many will the rooster lay?" rotflmao!

Renna said...

That is hysterical!!! ;-Þ