26 September 2008

Get a job

Art's lifelong dream job was to be a helicopter ski guide. He is now one step closer to that dream. He is now a proud member of the ski patrol at a local ski resort. That was one job he was hoping he could get after being EMT certified. He was right. So now he has another job. If you call skiing once a week, and the occassional weekend, and getting paid for it work. Yay for Art! So for those keeping count Art now has the pellet biz, volunteer firefighter, volunteer emt, and ski patrol. I have the pellet biz, fd auxiliary, and treasurer. Darn, he's one up on me. I need to get a/(another) job!


Uncivil said...

You forgot one job? "Chicken herder"!!LOL!!
Wow...you two are busy folks!

C said...

Hi, Shannon!
I love the "Fall" look of your blog! Congrats to Art! He sounds a lot like my husband, with so many qualifications to add to the list! My hubby's also a volunteer firefighter, emergency first responder, sawmill owner/operator, wharfinger, beef farmer, committee chairperson...*sigh* I don't know where he's going to find any time when the baby arrives in 4 months!! LOL!

Renna said...

You guys sure don't let grass grow under your feet! ;-Þ