29 August 2008

Sarah Palin

McCain has announced his VP. Sarah Palin, the conservative Alaskan governor. Known as a bit of a renegade, as many say McCain is. They are both unafraid of doing what needs to be done!
Great choice, I think. Word is she was chosen with great care and they managed her introduction very well. Renegade, woman, conservative, hard-working, called big oil to task, headed up largest natural gas project on record, 80% approval rating - Brilliant!
McCain is in it for the long haul. He has worked his way up; serving in the military then devoting his life to public office. There was no silver spoon in his mouth at birth, although he did marry well. Mostly he worked tirelessly, and intelligently. He is one of the most practical, down to earth candidates I have seen in a long time. Doesn't hurt that he has been an ardent and early supporter of biomass technologies as an alternative either... From what I have read of Sarah Palin she is also a hard worker who is not afraid to go against the grain to do the right thing! A little more prolific than I would hope but that doesn't really have much to do with Veeping, so...
The election will provide a first, regardless. A woman will be the first VP with the McCain/Palin ticket. Or the claim of first African American with the Democrats.


Amber M. said...

Hooray! Thanks for leaving a comment on my post about Palin...I also enjoyed finding another conservative. On to November!!

Uncivil said...

I'm all for the McCain-Palin ticket! They are a perfect match up! I finally see hope of beating Obama now!!!!!