10 August 2008


Eight weeks old. I thought it was a good time for them to see the world outside their coop. The greenhouse. We're doing baby steps here- they are chickens you know!
They were all piled in the chick box (their safe place) because Art had to do a little hammering to get the back door of the greenhouse to stay closed. So I extracted them one by one.
I took Abbie first. I held her on my lap until she calmed down and hopped off. She plunked in the dirt and flopped onto her side (??!??) so I went to grab Bobbie.
Then I scooped up Elliot, who likes to be held and snuggled (very UN-rooster like ;)He sat on my lap for the longest time panting.
As I continued to extract them it got easier for them to get down to investigate once I got them out, but harder to extract the remaining chicks. ?? Once everyone was out they followed my lead into the weeds. Yes, we have a TON of weeds in the greenhouse. It used to have plastic on the south roof, but it all blew off or was torn off. The new panels have just arrived but it will be another month before it gets buttoned up...

Either way they started to peck around eating the greens, the dried seeds, and one of them got lucky enough to catch a wasp! Yummo!

I left them for about fifteen minutes but, then I heard the thunder and thought I should put them back. This was much easier. Art took one side, I grabbed Elliot and took the other and we herded them back in to the coop. I gave them a cucumber as a reward. BIG DAY!


Renna said...

I just love chickens. I don't have them, but I think they're so cute and comical to watch. Your's are no exception. ;-)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh they're beautiful, Shannon!! You've been such a good Momma... they look so healthy.
Don't you just love to watch them "explore"? I crack up when one finds a bug, because it turns into a free-for-all!