11 August 2008


We recently started up our Netflix subscription after taking the summer off. Last night was Art's pick- Legend. I love Wil Smith, so even though I heard it was scary I agreed to watch it.
I am not a scary movie person. I went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark with my church group when it came out (I must've been six or seven?) and had nightmares for weeks. I haven't gotten much better since. After hubby talked me into watching The Ring I wouldn't let him leave my side for over a week. Don't get me wrong I love bloody gory movies like Die Hard, Kill Bill, or Pulp Fiction. Even movies like Fargo, and No Country for Old Men are right up my alley. I just don't like horror movies!
So last night we watched Legend. I had Art on one side with a firm grip on his hand, Zoi on my lap, and I even pulled Polar up on the futon for additional support. Poor dog, he got so stressed out each time I jumped, or gasped and ducked my head into Art. He kept saying "It's just a movie!" I left the room for the final scenes and at this point hubby was mocking me about how it was 'just a movie.' After the movie he went down to watch Saw or Ghost Ship. DH tried to get me to watch Ghost Ship once. I will forever have the image of people being cut in half by metal wires imprinted in (on?) my mind's eye... ((shudder))
I turned on The Girls Next Door and Gene Simmons to try to clear the creepy images from my head when Art's cell phone rang. It was a little after nine. MJ from the fire department said that our big pellet supplier a couple of towns over has just had a second alarm for a fire at the plant. CRAP! (only the other word!) We turned on Art's pager and listen in for a while. Crews were being called from several surrounding town's. We tried to get tac 1 on Art's radio for on the scene details, but couldn't.
So, we headed down to the station. MJ and another officer were already there. We listened over the next couple of hours as the fire moved from the an electrical panel to the cooler, then outside to the large 20 ton storage silos. Our town didn't get called, but everyone around us did including a ladder truck from a nearby training facility.
After a couple of hours it was obvious that our fd was not going to be called so we headed home. I had to ask Art if this was "just a movie." Not this time. We are having our highest demand year for stoves and fuel this year. Stoves are sold out this year and allocated half way through next year. Pellet mills are running 24/7 to try to keep up and this will set us back weeks. NOT good. Around midnight we turned in as it seemed that they had it under control and were just mopping up.
First thing this morning we headed over to the plant to check it out. The fire barricades were still up and pumper trucks were still on scene. We talked with the plant manager who said that sometime overnight the fire migrated to their large (60 ton?) raw material silo. Then more engines and tankers started to pull in. I ask about our friend who owns the company. Poor guy was stuck on Martha's Vineyard. He couldn't get back last night on a plane because of the severe thundestorms, and the ferries weren't running.
Then Art's phone rang. MJ called to ask if he could be late for work because our fd was paged for cover duty relating to the fire. Art said yes and btw grab his gear, he would meet them at the cover station. Then Art's pager went off again. I dropped him off at the cover fire department then hurried back home to try to finish a deal with a commodoties broker to secure some (expensive) pellets so we have some for September. I don't think we will be getting any out of the guys nearby for a month or more. (Random cursing)
This is definitely a horror movie that I wish I had NOT seen.


Renna said...

What a nightmare! :-(

Shannon said...

Just got back from the fire. Hubby was on cover duty for the morning, then they were called over later to help relieve the guys working on the silo. They ended up emptying it a shovel at a time. The Auxiliary Prez grabbed me and we headed over to relieve the town's auxiliary as they were getting really tired, and our guys needed food and coffee! I also wanted to see the plant for myself. We also saw our friend. His hair went gray. This happened once before when he had a harrowing experience getting a truck dumper out of the mud in Virginia with a two day time limit. Poor guy- he looked whooped... Crews were starting the long task of rolling hoses and trying to sort out whose equipment belonged to whom. 25 different departments showed up! I hope they are up and running soon.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh goodness... how awful!!

C said...

Urgh. Sorry to hear that! That's awful! :( I know how you feel, as last week we had a BIG fire (everything was gone, including a restaurant and a post office). Hubby got the call around 5:30AM and didn't come home until night time. I think 3 or 4 other fire departments were also called to the scene.