24 August 2008

Down Day

A new walk today through a con-com area. A little short but it did have this great root ball, a four leaf (mushroom) clover, and a pond at the end.

We continued on to climb T Mountain. It was once a ski area, but has been turned into a recreation area.
Great views of North Pack, and with the crystal clear view you could see all the way to Nashua!

Polar is getting older.
He stays with us now, and trails behind just a little by the end of the hike. You take the good with the bad, I guess...

He did have fun playing in our pond when we got back. He hasn't caught a frog yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time... In the mean time he is still a good swimmer :)
Blizzy was glad to see us back so she could go play outside!

After this we went off on an LLBean rug hunt for Art's folks. Struck out, but found a dress for $15, and went to Keene for dinner.

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Renna said...

I love the pictures, and envy you being near an LL Bean. I have to do my shopping from them via online.