22 April 2008

Too fast!

Less than two weeks ago I did a post about "kitten"-hood. We went on our spring vacation just after and while we were gone our little fur-baby became a cat. Under the ever vigilant eyes of our fur-sitters our little Blizzadora went into her first heat.
Poor Polar! was the object of affection since the sitters don't leave him outside :( The 'Cringe Factor' is that Polar in his distress of being left alone broke down the cat door (again), which was closed for the duration or until we get/got our new front door sans cat door... anyway it was closed until Po broke it open to stuff his babies through it. He gets stressed when we leave sometimes and stuffs his babies out on the front stoop for some reason??? Don't ask me. I have NO idea?!? Anyway, this act left the door open for newly wanton Lizzie to seek affection outside at least TWICE! Oh, NNnnoooooooo~ (aaarrgghhhh!) I hope we don't have little blizzards swirling around soon!!!
btw- Fun stuff to follow about our trip :)

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