11 April 2008

The joys of kittenhood.

Snuggled on the top shelf by the washer.
Cats have a mind of their own. Yet we constantly tell ourselves that they can be trained, tricked, or molded to follow the rules. HA!
Our little Blizzard(ora) loves to be up high. She loves sitting on the edge of the loft staring down longingly at the bird below, or on the shelf above my laundry waiting to pounce on an errant sock.
But I can't seem to drive it into her little skull that the kitchen counters and tables are Off Limits! I come down in the morning to make coffee with the little fluffball on my heels, and as soon as I reach for the coffee pot up she jumps to help. Or she will be sunning herself on the table in the bar...
When she first came home I would simply yell like a crazy woman, clap my hands, and stomp my feet to chase her off. A couple months later when she had numbed to this we upgraded to squirt bottles. Now I am thinking of getting a few of those battery powered water guns! Rotten cat.
DH has helped develop the little monster's bad habits by sharing a favorite activity he started with Zoi. Turning on the bath faucet so they can get a fresh drink of water. Their food is also up on a high (used to be counter/sofa table) so that the dog doesn't eat their food... She's a monster, but it's probably our fault a little bit- (frat-a-ratta-ratta-fratta) It's a good thing she's so darn cute!

Hanging from the rafters!


Ben said...

i know!!!! we just got our 3rd cat. 7 months, beautiful cat. but will always get up on the stove and eat the food. and he has set up his own little space on top of our cable box. ill put up some pictures

C said...

LOL! This post made me chuckle, because we've got kittens at home too. Our barn cats are learning bad habits and are refusing to be barn cats. They have become "front doorstep cats"!!! The kittens in our house have developed the habit of drinking from the bathroom faucet too. Your DH isn't the only guilty one! I started that with the kittens because I thought it was cute. *sigh*

The good thing is that they never go on the kitchen counter. They haven't tried it yet, but if they do, they'll certainly get the squirt gun! They don't like that at all.

I don't know if I asked before, but is it okay if I link you? I love your blog and Hubby may want to chat with you and your DH sometime. We're thinking of getting a wood stove like the ones you sell. We were looking into pellet stoves not too long ago :)

EXSENO said...

I can sympathize with that. They seem to love high places.

Shannon said...

Ben- up on the stove?? Do you have a pellet stove? I hope not a wood stove~~ The cable box sounds cute. Looking forward to the pics! Ark of Truth Rocked!!!
C- The bathroom faucet is so cute- yet so BAD!! LOL. We just can't say no. You'll have to let me know your trick for the counter! We cannot seem to get that message through to her! I love your blog and your comments, and would love to be linked if I can add you to mine :)
Exseno- Glad to see you blogging again!