27 April 2008


The next day we found our snorkel spot. We wanted to stay close and take a bit of a down day, so we went about fifteen minutes North to Honokohau Bay. When we arrived all the tour boats were just outside the bay putting their customers in the water to snorkel so we knew it had to be pretty good. You climb over lava rocks to get to the beach which is many grades of crushed lava rock, tiny shells, and crushed shells. I have a snorkel set that I had gotten at Bean's outlet store a few years back. Art did not have any today as we had not rented (like we did for Two Step). He thought he could do it without as he is a very good swimmer. Nope. He can swim like a fish, but could not see in the salty water. So he swam around with me as I snorkeled (I'm a sissy in the water and I am not afraid to admit it!), then he would take a turn and snorkel around. Great day. When we headed back we put on our walking shoes and checked out the little shopping area within walking distance of the resort. We stopped at Sushi en Fuego for a little happy hour and some pupu's (aka-appetizers or tapas). We found a (can't remember the name of it) little snorkel shop that had snorkel sets for short money so we bought Art a set. He was most excited about his flippers. Mine are one big paddle and his are split. Apparently it makes a big difference (like I could tell??) He was very happy. After that we had margarita night, went down to the beach to watch the surfer's, boogie boarders, and the sunset. Growing up in Colorado I was treated to some spectacular sunsets. Even where my parents are in Mazatlan you get some nice twilights. We noticed that there wasn't really so much of a sunset as it was watching the big round glowing ball drop into the ocean. It was explained to us that because Hawaii is so close to the equator you don't have a twilight so to speak. The angle of the sun relative to the horizon is too steep. It was still a nice sight and a great way to end the day.

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