24 April 2008


Hello. My name is Shannon. I am a time-share-aholic. I just love being able to stay in a mini-apartment with a kitchen, a living room, and sometimes a patio when we are on vacation. My parents bought into timeshare in the seventies when it was a new concept. We stayed up at Snowbird in Utah for three weeks each summer. As we got older, and when we moved to Colorado, we branched out and took vacations to different places like Idaho, the mountains, or visiting family in Wisconsin.
A few years back DH and I purchased timeshare (used of course!) for short money and a low maintenance fee. The intention was to use it for our business. We have taken the guys on ski trips, and training trips using time shares each year. Using a week for our trip to Hawaii was wonderful! The reviews on the site lead me to believe that it was a so-so resort in a great spot. When we checked in the guy said that the best views were taken and he put us in a side building. I wasn't surprised and really expected a dark, dank place but figured we wouldn't spend much time there anyway.

Wrong, wrong, and uuhh, wrong!
We had a great unit, about 450 square feet and a lanai overlooking the ocean. It had a full kitchen, and a king sized bed in the bedroom. The view was great. Overlooking a small beach away from the road and pool noise.

We went shopping our first full day. The lady behind us in line balked at how much we spent at Safeway, but we bought some great meals like ribs, salmon, steak, shrimp. Of course beverage makings added a bit to the tab ;) Prices are a bit higher in Hawaii but not like I expected. The beef was actually lower than we pay in NH. Did you know that the largest beef ranch is on the Big Island?? I sure didn't, but loved the two huge racks of beef ribs that we got for $14! The outdoor bbq area at the resort was great, too! We talked with people from Washington, and California while preparing our feast(s) :)

The veggies were the killer. I think we spent over $70 on veggies! Yikes! Even more shocking was the fact that they don't grow them on the island!! Even the avacadoes were from California! Hello? Warm, sunny, temperate... Easy to grow your own fruits, and veggies!! We of course got some Kona coffee too YUM :)> Even spending what we did we saved a bundle over eating out!

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