25 April 2008

Contractors are messy and I am a mess!

It is contractor time at our house again. Windows are the top priority for the post and beam part of the house, but they are also installing a ventilation system for the basements, replacing front door, new back door, running wire, installing a storm drain outside, etc. etc. etc.

Some was done while we were gone, but the bulk is being done right now. My house is hard enough to keep clean with just Art and the critters to clean up after. Add the contractors, three weeks of laundry (one week before that didn't get done and two weeks gone), cable modem failure (again...), a biomass presentation for the Chamber, new piggy-back, early buy, new web page, second job as treasurer, raking now that the snow is mostly gone... Any moment now I am sure my head will spin right off!

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