27 April 2008

Construction Progress

We are making progress. New windows and doors in- still need to be trimmed. Surface drain in just in time for rain!

We are getting the wonderful asian greens, and spring mix lettuce from Damon and our greenhouse. What a treat!! Art started clearing the field for outdoor planting.

Here is a shot I took of my laundry room before we left a few weeks ago. Every flat surface is now piled precariously high with folded laundry. I am finally washing my last load. Then I have to try to cram all these clothes into our closets and dressers...


C said...

Okay, I am impressed (and jealous)!!! Your greenhouse looks amazing! Ours was in good shape last spring, but this spring I've been away a lot and I've been sick so I haven't been as diligent as I ought to have been with starting my seedlings!

I have started some but they don't look nearly as good as yours! I also got Hubby to clear the garden and plow it so I can get it ready for planting.

One good thing I did was clipped the raspberry canes so the new ones can come in! LOL!

Shannon said...

Damon has done a great job with the greenhouse. I can't wait to see what he does outside!
I am the one who is jealous. I have been saying that we will thin and mulch our poor raspberry bushes for three years now!
Happy planting :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow- everything looks great. I have greenhouse envy... (lip sticking out)
Did you totally redo the whole house? or just certain rooms? It looks wonderful. (Don't you love new windows? Nothing makes a place look GOOD like new windows.)