27 January 2008

What happens in Vegas- gets posted on my blog...

We got in to Vegas pretty late Sunday. Art had to work until four and we had to fly half way around the world to get there. Of course our bag did not manage to make the same mad dash that we achieved connecting in Atlanta. So we got our complimentary toothbrush and packed off to the Wyndham. I love timeshare. LOVE! We got to the room, and promptly threw our clothes into the washing machine, turned on the ice maker in the fridge, and went to bed. LOVE!

We took our first stroll around the strip checking out the Chinese new year gardens at the Bellagio, the fish tanks at Caesars, etc.

We went to see STOMP out LOUD! the first night. We, of course, did some shopping at the new Planet Hollywood earlier since we had nothing to wear no bags and all. It was a great show. My favorite was the tune with pipes, but it was short and I am pretty sure they didn't do more like it because it was very BlueManGroup-like. Very fun though.
Tuesday we continued our tour by buying a Deuce pass. Five bucks a day to ride up and down the strip on the bus. Worth it. We went all the way from Mandalay Bay to Fremont Street that night.
I love the downtown more and more each time I visit. I like the light shows, and just find the casinos have a little more character- or is it more characters in the casino?? Either way, great time. Art struck out on finding a deep fried snickers bar as he hoped. He did get a deep fried Twinkie (Eewww!) last visit. Wasn't that impressed by the Wynn, the color scheme and decoration seemed disjointed. The statue of Sigfried and Roy made you pause for a bit- what a different feel from when they still performed at the Mirage.

Alas, no Star Trek bar and tour this time. Toured the mall, stopped for a marg at the Luxor. My Mother is a walker and a doer. We walked, we did...

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