27 January 2008

Last Day!

We had a great time in Nevada. Our last day was a long one. We had to check out of the hotel at 10 am and were taking the red eye at midnight. So we kept the car another day. It was comforting to have it, and we could get my folks to the airport, have a place to keep our luggage, etc.
We spent the morning at Ethel M Chocolates doing their little tour, and savoring the smell in the gift shop. Free samples were yummy too :)> They were a bit pricey (about a buck a piece) but the flavors looked enticing like cabernet, pecan pie, snickerdoodle, every liqueur you could think of, and of course my favorite dark chocolate with peanut butter.

We toured the cactus gardens before heading back to the hotel zone.
Then off to the M&M store to get loot. Mom got my brother's kids chocolate valentine's stuff, and we got our guys at the shop Patriots M&M's and a slot machine dispenser. They had an entire wall of M&M's separated by color. So we mixed the (close enough) red, white, and blue M's to make them Patriot-esque. We went through a whirly tunnel with lots of lights that would be quite a trip if we had knocked a few back before entering! Dumped the folks off at the airport, and headed to the Hoffbrauhaus for a late lunch. Probably the closest thing to real German beer and food I will get this year. Next year, Vienna, this year Vegas...

Then we checked in the car and went out on the strip for one last romp. Visiting a few bars along the way, and ending up with a half yard pina-colada/margarita. I thought I was pretty clever mixing the two but when we went for a refill they said it was a favorite of their's too. It was tasty! Art played Roullette for the guys. Lost but had a good time.
I snuck a few pics for the table police came over to shoo me away. Long flight back, slept a better part of Friday. All was fine at home :):):)

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