09 January 2008

The Mac is back!

Yesterday was Primary day in New Hampshire. We have long revelled in our First in the Nation status. It is actually a state law that we be the first to vote. Iowa threw a definitive curve ball by labeling their vote a Caucus, and therefore, being able to be first. Half of the news camps still carried the line First in the Nation, while others just dodged the issue. Other than that there was no acknowledgement... I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time before someone sues someone else over it. ((Sigh))
NH voters turned out in record numbers! In our little state of ~1.3 million people, over one half million turned out to vote. We shattered the record made in 2000 of 396,000 voters with turnout estimated at 514,000. The freaky warm January thaw probably helped that. Hubby and I were walking around in T-shirts yesterday it was so nice! Sub-zero last week, fifty degrees this...
John McCain won the Republican nomination proclaiming "The Mac is back!" Hillary Clinton took the Democratic nomination. "Let's give America the kind of comeback New Hampshire has just given to me," Clinton said in her victory speech. Mitt Romney, shockingly, took a second place R position. I thought he would have been much lower. Ambulance Chaser Edwards was a distant third thank god! Hucka Who?
Voting in a small town is very interesting to say the least. I still remember when we were going to be out of town so we requested absentee ballots. We were surprised to see that we needed to put our names on the ballots and that it goes right to the town office to be counted. So much for anonymous voting. We both abstained from that vote as we were new in town and knew that political ties can make or break you up here. Even at the latest election everyone was all ears when they asked which party you were voting for.

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