13 January 2008

Me and my shadow

Blizzadora is blending nicely. Other than her need to climb up my legs when she wants something I just love her to bits. Last night I was taking chicken wings out of the oven for the big game and she hopped up bear hugging my @ss trying to get at them. Oh darn! No camera to catch that kodak moment. Polar is never far behind her, and even Zoi is seeking her out for a scuffle or two...

Helping me put away X-mas decorations. We only lost one ornament. Literally lost it. I imagine it will turn up around June.

Izzy and Polar helping Art install floormats in the Element.

Lizzy helping clean Ody's cage. No bloody paws, yet. Ody just about has his imitation of her weasel-cat meow down to a science.

Filing is exhausting work.

I'm ready to help again. Give me something to shred!

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EXSENO said...

That cat is so pretty.