27 January 2008


We rented a car and headed out of dodge. Down to one of my favorites the Hoover Dam. I have been to the dam a few times before, and had done the dam hard hat tour the last time down about ten years ago but Art hadn't seen it. We took the short dam tour because the dam hard hat was much later in the day, but still got to see the generators, and some of the dam inner-workings. Our dam guide was pretty entertaining, too, pointing out dam seeps (as opposed to dam leaks). It is something like 650 feet high and 670 feet across at it's deepest. No wonder the concrete convention was in Vegas this week!
One of the coolest parts was to see the new bridge they are constructing. If you have ever driven through that area you know how backed up that dam road can get! So they are building a dam bypass. Oh, and no the dam jokes never got old! We went out to Pampa's Brazilian restaurant that night to celebrate Art's and my Mom's b-day (born on the same day and baby (nephew) Jack too), and Dad's b-day later in Feb. Excellent! They have a waiter bring around meat fresh off the grill to the table on skewers and let you pick what you want. They keep coming until you tell them to stop! Everyone liked the grilled pineapple. My favorite was the spicy chicken.

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