29 January 2008

Volunteer 2008

Back in October I took a little trip home for my birthday. It just happened to coincide with the monthly FD Auxiliary meeting. So I missed it. No big deal. Right? Wrong. They moved up the nominations for the upcoming year. I wasn't there to say "No thank you." So nominated I was. That's o.k. The gal I was running against is the sil of the Chief, and the Chief's wife was up for Pres. She is a shoe in. Again, wrong. Last night at elections I took it nine to one. Vice Pres of our fancy little volunteer fd auxiliary. Not sure what all the responsibilities include at this point, but I am sure they'll let me know. I was tasked with making everyone new ID's for when we are on-scene. So the fuzz, or the 'blue-canaries' as the guys call them don't give us any grief. (Blue canaries because they dress in blue, and they always go in first. Kind of like the canary in the coal mine...)
Art moved up to 2nd Lieutenant. Just what he wanted :)

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