01 March 2008

On your Mark...

Knowing that we had an early flight on Monday, coupled with our anniversary on Sunday we decided to spend the night in Boston before heading down to Atlanta. We spent the morning finalizing packing, last minute business, etc. We finally made our way down to Mass by 1:30 pm. An hour and a half behind, but pretty good. We stayed at the Embassy Suites at the airport. We usually just drive down to Fitchburg then take the hour and a half train ride in to Logan, but the hotel had a stay and park deal, that allowed us to park our car for a week for less than ten bucks a day if we stayed the night. We checked in to a great room with a beautiful view of a park and the airport/habor beyond. They divert all of the planes over the water so even though you are mere miles from the tarmac you cannot hear even one little prop.
We headed out toward the North End thinking we would have a nice lunch. We walked around looking for a casual lunch place for some good Italian food but found nothing. Not nothing, but nothing casual. We had gone to Silo's Steak House to celebrate our anniversary the night before and I didn't want to ruin it by going out for another decadent meal.
So we ended up going to Durgin Park, a dining hall restaurant "Established Before You Were Born" for a shared lunch before walking over to Boston Common for the afternoon. The weather has been so terrible here we really lucked out when it was in the upper 30's and sunny. We enjoyed walking around and people watching.
We ended the evening at Fanieul Hall and Quincy market for a late night snack before heading back to the hotel for a movie.
We woke to a wonderful surprise. Not only did ES have a complimentary breakfast, but it was more than coffee and a few stale doughnuts. I was treated to a freshly made omelet with my choice of toppings, and I made Art a Belgium waffle with strawberries on top. Fresh coffee, and juice topped off the meal. Then we headed down to Atlanta for the show.

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