23 March 2008

Girls Day

What a great weekend. A friend of ours in town was given comp ski tickets from a guy he's doing a kitchen remodel for. He invited Art to go along. Actually, he has asked several times but this time it worked out! Art was planning on heading up to ski Gunstock with our friend, his three kids, our friends brother, and his son. All of us wives felt a little left out so we decided to go with them. Not skiing, mind you. There are some outlet stores very near the ski resort. We headed out at 6:00am yesterday morning, coffee in hand. We stopped half way up to meet the other half of our party, then on to Tilton. The guys and kids hit the slopes right at opening, and we headed down the hill stopping at Dunkie's to wait for the stores to open. We started at Kohl's where I got a couple pair of shorts for Art, and the Evil Place (aka Walmart) for Easter gifts for their kids since they opened first. Then we hit the outlet mall. I think we went in every store there except the Big and Tall Men's store, and Big Dog. We had fun trying different lotions, and body sprays at the Body Works store, spent forever playing with kitchen gadgets at the kitchen store, trying on clothes, looking at purses... The first time any of us looked at a clock was 2:00! We got a big laugh thinking about how only fifteen minutes would have passed before any of our spouses would have started watching the clock! We shopped on looking at all of the light and airy Easter dresses that we wouldn't be able to wear until August because it is still only 25 degrees out during the day! We laughed at all the swim suits and tank tops at full price, while we were able to scoop up turtlenecks and long johns for five bucks a piece, and Icamethisclose to buying a suede winter jacket with a (fake)fur hood for $40. No, I splurged and bought a summer purse and wallet from Liz for $15. We realized we were starving and headed over to the nearest restaurant. We had a little beverage, and some lunch, then moved to a different mall. Didn't spend much, but had a great time! The guys stopped by after the slopes shut down. The Skiers headed back in the mini-van while we finished shopping then headed back south. We stopped at our friend's brother's house on the way home to swap stories before heading home. We got back at about 10:00. What can make a good day better? The guys sold a truck of pellets, three stoves, a boiler, and a bulk system today :)> Good for all of us!

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Yvonne said...

Sounds like a great day! Spring will get there soon. It is already 70 degrees here today!