02 March 2008

The tropical tanks were the first we looked at. Full of colorful fish and beautiful coral. Many unique fish and fabulous display tanks really made this section Pop!

They had the largest shark tank I have ever seen. With a water tunnel and many unique viewing areas as well as stadium like seating for a large screen view. The "glass" holding back the over 1.6 million gallons of water was a two foot thick polymer. The groupers were probably four to six feet long, sharks over ten feet, and even the rays were well over five or six feet!

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whatevergirl said...

You visited my hometown! My mom used to take us to ride the elevators at the Peachtree Plaza hotel. Now you have to pay to ride them if you aren't a guest!
The aquarium is pretty awesome, but they are going to start letting people dive with the animals which I disagree with. It is all a money-maker to them. We have already lost a whale shark and a beluga.
When you come back to Atlanta, let me know!!