17 March 2008

Why wait?

One of our favorite activities on holiday is renting bikes. What a great way to get fresh air and a little exercise while seeing and being a part of the local community. We have not had bikes at home for years, though. Polar was our main reason. We are sketchy enough at getting him out on walks sometimes. If we had a bike he would lose out for sure. Now that our beloved pup is over ten years old, and other than little walks not really interested we decided it was time to take the plunge. We managed to squeeze it into our running out and about this week, lucking out and getting it between the two snow days. We were able to take a quick ride before the snow. Yesterday evening it was decent outside so we decided to take another quick ride. (Po got walks both days ;) I got the nubby tires and one step this side of dirt bike, and Art got a full blown dirt bike so we had no problem on our mushy dirt road, or with the snow, frost heaves, pot holes, etc. We did a time check to the town offices. Biking will be my mode of transportation there for sure. I even got a little shelf on the back for my briefcase :) There is a good hill coming home, but takes about ten minutes each way. Now I just need a t-shirt of a bike rider from Life is Good!

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