04 October 2007

A time to sow

Freshly seeded
Fall in New England. Trees are changing color and falling from the trees like a precursor to snow. The nights are cooler, the days are getting shorter, and our business is beginning to pick up in preparation for the winter to come. Fall is the time I fertilize the lawn, and for the last two years, fill, grade, and plant grass seed. Rumor is that if you do it in the summer the weeds will win out, and smother your new little grass sprouts... With our french drain and addition that we started a year ago last spring, dug up our yard in it's entirety.

Shannon and Kathy September 2006

South yard Sept. 2006

Last year, with my Mom's help we graded, replanted seed on the South lawn. Luckily the fill and base grading was done by the same guys who dug the french drain around the house. This year we were not so lucky. I called a few places but they wanted several thousand dollars to the work. So we bought 20 yards of top soil and Art hopped in the Bobcat. After it was spread around we brought out the little york rake that fits on our small yard tractor. We took turns driving and being the weight for the rake and thus graded the back and North side yard. I just finished putting down the seed and starter fertilizer. When Art gets home he'll haul out a round-bale of hay so we can spread it and then begin the watering ritual. Luckily it is supposed to rain starting this weekend sometime. (cross fingers) If this happens we may not have to worry about watering that much. It generally takes a couple to three weeks for the little sprouts to come in.

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